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New website of interest to people who support America when shopping online.
BuyAmerican.com, Inc. (BuyAmerican.com)
(formerly ManufacturedInUSA.com. Same great products. Great new name).

New website of interest to people who support America when shopping online.
Petriot.com (petriot.com)
An online marketplace for American products.

Thanks to Roger Simmermaker's "Buy American Mention of the Week" (HowToBuyAmerican.com), email for sending the info 7-21-10.

Made In USA Forever (madeinusaforever.com)
Every item is 100% guaranteed to be produced in the USA (per madeinusaforever.com 2-25-08)!

(Thanks to Texas Jeans (texasjean.com) customer service for getting the info to usstuff 2-5-08.)

Sierra Valley Trading Company (www.SierraValleyTrading.com)
Offering only American made products. Products drawn only from American companies. Made in USA. (red-white-blue USA flag home page label!) (per sierravalleytrading.com 1-27-09)

Sierra Valley Trading Co.
Phone: 530-994-3636
Fax: 530-994-3635
PO Box #21
Calpine, CA 96124
Email: info@sierravalleytrading.com

(Thanks to Buy American Mention of the Week [HowToBuyAmerican.com] for finding the company 1-23-09.)

American Aisle (americanaisle.com)
All Products Made in USA. (clear, top of home page and home page title label)
- - - (per americanaisle.com 8-30-11)

(Thanks to Buy American Mention of the Week, 8-13-11 [HowToBuyAmerican.com] for finding the company.)

Made In USA Info & Search Engine (madeinusa.org)
Lots of great products! Check them out!

OnlyBuyAmerican.com (OnlyBuyAmerican.com) American Made Product Directory
Made in USA. American Made Products at Amazon.com !

Shop Union Made. (shopunionmade.org)
Give the gift of good jobs. Shop Union Made!

Union Label Product Search. (unionlabel.org)
Buy American. Buy Union.

Great Made in USA Searches & Data Base:
Made By Yankess (madebyyankees.net)!

(Suggested by Buy American (http://www.buyamerican.com) 10-13-08)

Purchase American (purchaseamerican.com)
Lots of great Made in the USA listings! Check them out!

(Thanks to Auto Tips [inct.net/~autotips/] for emailing the info on Purchase America 4-17-02.)

StillMadeinUSA.com (StillMadeinUSA.com)!

(Found with google.com search 1-26-10)

Looking for USA owned, USA made and/or products with USA parts?:
Check the FLAGS ID (flagsid.com) web site for links to FLAGS ID Member companies. Lots of great USA products & companies.

Union Made and Made in USA products with your Logo:
Check American Advertising Inc. (www.unionproducts.net).

For many manufacturers:
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (thomasregister.com)

Also check out:
Union Made in USA, kitchen and household items:
Illinois AFL-CIO Products Page (www.ilafl-cio.org/buyusa.htm)

More American businesses available from the Swiss owned:
Made in USA- The American business search engine (made-usa.com)

Eco Friendly Goods, with some USA labeled products:

Environmental products. Some USA labeling on web site:

Most (if not all) products made in contiguous 48 United States (per Green Marketplace cust serv email 10-11-00).

Other Search Engines:

Web Crawler
Netscape NetFind
All The Web
PC Beacon
AOL NetFind

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