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When is 'Made in USA' 'NOT Made in USA'?

When it is made by Chinese owned factories, using 100% Chinese materials and parts, by Chinese citizen workers, 800 miles from mainland China on the US Commonwealth island of Saipan and other Northern Mariana Islands.

Per current USA law (as of Jan 2000), can companies getting their products from Saipan still label them "Made in USA"?

Yes! What a scam!

Sweatshops, immigrant workers, sub-minimum wages, stolen passports, beatings, forced abortion & prostitution, rats, barbed wire and armed guards.

Partial Settlement of Saipan $1 Billion Law Suit:
Older Saipan News:

Your tax dollars hard at work:
Chinese Seamstresses in Sweatshops Get Cash From Uncle Sam:
The Salt Lake Tribune 10-5-97 http://www.sltrib.com/97/oct/100597/nation_w/539.htm.

Email your reps and senators in congress.
Support new bills to end the "Saipan Scam". One shot email. Other important news.
Take Pride in America Coalition (www.TakePride.org):

More "Made in USA" sagas:

Wal-mart, world's largest purchaser of Chinese made products carries baby stroller, box happily labeled "Made In USA" on the front, and inconspicuously on the bottom... "Made In China". Stoller is Peter Rabbit Convenience Stroller, by The Dorel Juvenile Group of Columbus Ohio, Cosco.
- - - (thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 3-29-02.

Say NO! to:

The Saipan Scam

and no to baby stroller labeling scams.

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